Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Few Ways On How To Get Your Boyfriend To Propose You - Male Gaze

Few Ways On How To Get Your Boyfriend To Propose You - Male Gaze

Every girl is dreaming about marriage. They usually get into relationship with the idea to marry in future and to have a family. On the other hand, boys are not planning their future at the beginning of relationship. So, it is not strange that they very often scare of commitment.

I think every girl knows the situation when she is in love with her boyfriend. He loves you too and you are together for a very long time but your relationship does not grow. And not every girl knows how to make the right step to push your guy to propose you.

Remember that it is very typical for the most of guys to avoid commitment. Of course there are a lot of boyfriends who can propose their girlfriends without any hints. Guys don’t like talking about children and if you will give many signs that you want to have a child, you can make him scare. To resolve this problem try to talk with his friends who have already children. Many psychologists say that it must help him to understand that it is a big pleasure to have a child.

Another big problem could be a financial side. In most cases guys will not say anything about this. And if you were talking about big and splendid wedding, it may be a main problem why your boyfriend still did not propose to you. The only way to find a consensus in this situation is to talk with him and show him that big wedding is not so important for you, but your love what is playing the main role in your relationship.

If your boyfriend has many single friends, apparently they affect to his decision not to propose you. Guys could say that married man feels like he is in cage. If you are married, you don’t have time to spend it with friends; you will have to stop meeting, talking, flirting with your female friends – guys usually think. Try to show him that life after wedding will not change his interests, he will have many benefits and person who will care of him for the rest of his life.    


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