Sunday, 22 July 2012

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Speed Dating

Speed dating is a meeting in which large number of people has a little date with each other. Nowadays, in formal field they set up by speed dating organizers which usually rent a room in some bar or restaurant and charge a fee from visitors. People are sitting about 5,7,10 minutes at a table with one of participants of speed dating. They are talking on any theme they like. When the time is up, people are going to the next table and sit with a possible new date. Every participant of speed dating has an opportunity to meet the person they want to see again.

This kind of dating is very popular nowadays. But what are the benefits of speed dating?

1. On speed dating you have an opportunity to meet many persons on one evening, instead one on the general dating.

2. You don’t need to sit and talk with the person you don’t like for an hour or longer. Your date will over in few minutes and you can continue to seek another person.

3. You will not hear uncomfortable question on such dating. Usually people asking general questions each other to see does the person interesting in next meeting or not. You can hear such questions as ‘Do you like pets?, ‘What books are you reading’…

4. You don’t have any pressure to select or reject a person. You can just go away if didn’t like any person on the speed dating. And you can meet with the man/woman you liked again in general dating.

5. You will meet many persons on one evening so you can compare one interlocutor with other.

Speed dating as any other kind of dating has its disadvantages. For example: you don’t have much time to know the person well, also you can meet few persons you liked, but you have to choose only one for future dating.

Speed dating is very good reason to spend time interesting. So if you don’t have any plans for the evening – you can try something new like speed dating.


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