Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Ways to Make Him Desire You More

Ways to Make Him Desire You More

Today women watching many movies where they see some romantic things. Very often after such films they start thinking that they've been dating for months and their relationship losing interest. Use the following tips to make him desire more for you, much more than you ever imagined. That said, all you need to do is play with his senses from every possible angle and put the ball in their court, only to find the ball so to be headed directly in your direction. Read on to find out more ideas:

Set the Right Mood by Creating an Ambient Lighting
Let’s consider a situation where you’ve planned for a small get-together at your home to dig some old forgotten memories together. Given this situation and added to your hidden intentions, start working your way by preparing an ambience which is not too bright and not too dim, but just enough to create a sort of an orange-yellowish color. Also be informed that a soft pink light works great in accentuating your curves is that’s what your intention is.

Scented Candles
Think no more about not investing in candles as this is a great way to ignite the senses amidst settings which are equally romantic and sensual. Make it scented candles as these are known to create a particular light that is found to be flattering and contributing toward intimate moments with each other. It’s as simple as this; having no other light apart from scented candles lit around you makes you both feel much closer together, setting a perfect scenario and platform for intimacy and closeness.

The Way you Dress
It’s a proven fact that a man’s senses gets tingled upon visual impact and the color red has an immediate effect in the way they react to a woman dressed in that intense color. Nothing can beat suggestive clothing in such a scenario where the best of you gets accentuated and you can be more than sure that the bait has been set to draw him closer to you. A quick tip here is to choose blouses with buttons and zips and leave the rest to his imagination and then comes the magical moment.

Make-up for women is one of the most blessed things that science has come up with. Again, use more of the color red as this is found to be one color which is most enticing and tempting when it comes to matters pertaining to subtle seduction.

Set the right mood to all your efforts by playing soft romantic music where the focus is more on both of you rather than on the music. Music happens to be one of the most subtle ways of playing with one’s inner senses.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Find What Users Think About Your Dating Site at Dating Site Rating

Dating Site Rating a new resourse to find quality review of dating niche

There are a lot of sites where you can read dating sites review. But almost all of them have not been updated for a while or does not have professional review. But I have recently found one website called Dating Site Rating: that looks very nice.

If you visit the link above now, you will notice that this site is new and now does not have too much reviews. But they have already reviewed some popular adult dating websites and the review looks very natural. As a user who knows dating niche very well, I can say that the person who right reviews - Glenn Smith, knows what site aspects must be reviewed at first.

Each review have very attractive structure:

  1. Editor's star ratings where you can see 5 fields: 
    • Chances of getting a date
    • Features
    • Help files/ technical support
    • Ease of Navigation
    • Value for Money 

  2. Costs
  3. Features
  4. And editor's review
Also the site allows users to left their own reviews. So if you are or was a memeber of some of dating site that has already been reviewed at Dating Site Rating, you can easilly left a review: 1-,2-,3-,4- or 5- star with some text telling why did you give such rating. Now it has mostly UK dating sites reviews but there are also some other sites like Naja Match

If you are a owner of dating site, you can send the request to Glenn Smith to review your site. There is a contact form on the site and also you can do it via Dating Site Rating Facebook page. I have been contacted him and my review will be published soon. But note that site administration does not accept reviews written by others. They can publish the review only created by them, so if you are not sure that your dating site is very good, you don't need to ask to review your site because ratings could be very bad.