Monday, 30 July 2012

Top 5 Dating Websites. Reviews. Advantages and Disadvantages

Top 5 Dating Websites

It is one of the largest dating websites nowadays. has a big number of registered users and active members. More than 500,000 singles found relationship using It was launched in 1995 and serves over 15million singles today.

2) AdultFriendFielder
This site is for people who seeking for something more intimate than just dating websites. It was one of the first adult dating websites in internet and still remains on high positions. AdultFriendFielder offers different groups: swingers, cross dressers, exhibitionism…

3) PerfectMatch offers full packed with fantastic features which make it stand out from all the other dating websites. Many singles who are seeking a serious marriage-minded partnership can find match on this website. PerfectMatch covers Canadian and US singles. If you want to register on you have to plan 15-30 minutes to answer all the questions.

4) Zoosk
Site has been launched on 2007 and available on 20 languages in more than 60 countries. Nowadays you can use Zoosk from a cell phone app. Site is very easy in use; signup process takes only few minutes. Zoosk offers own chat program where you can talk with another Zoosk’s users around the world.

5) eHarmony
eHarmony is one of the largest dating websites nowadays. It has millions of active members. eHarmony does all of matching for own users, using own compatibility system. Signup process is very-very long because it has more than 400 questions.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Few Advices To Save Unhappy Marriage From Divorce

How To Save Unhappy Marriage From Divorce

Every person remembers own wedding day when you both (you with your wife) were standing near the altar holding by hands. It was one of the most romantic and beautiful day in your life. I think no one person was thinking that someday your marriage could have serious problems. But it is life and anything can happen. There are many things that you cannot control and you only want to know how to save your marriage. You have to answer one question at first: Do you still love your wife? If yes, then you need to fight for your happiness.

You need to know that some impulsive reactions you have are pushing your spouse away. Don’t be rude and hard. You can think that your anger is the only way to resolve the problem to show your spouse its strong position. But, in fact, you are wrong. Women like to be heard and you have to be careful, polite and tender with your wife. It gives her confidence that she needs you. Anger will only destroy your marriage so please try to avoid it.

When you have married with your wife, you knew that there are no perfect people. And your spouse is not an exception. Try to ignore all her weakness and show her that you love her such as she actually is. You have to accept that you did not marry a perfect person to live in a perfect life. Very often couples have some misunderstandings. But if you both will sit together and try to find a consensus – your marriage will be very long and happy.

Try to seek reconnection rather than separation after an argument. Usually after a big or little quarrel people are trying to separate from each other. But, in reality, you have to find a way for reconnecting. Be 100% responsible for your words and your wife will see that you are reliable person with whom she can spend the rest of her life.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Few Ways On How To Get Your Boyfriend To Propose You - Male Gaze

Few Ways On How To Get Your Boyfriend To Propose You - Male Gaze

Every girl is dreaming about marriage. They usually get into relationship with the idea to marry in future and to have a family. On the other hand, boys are not planning their future at the beginning of relationship. So, it is not strange that they very often scare of commitment.

I think every girl knows the situation when she is in love with her boyfriend. He loves you too and you are together for a very long time but your relationship does not grow. And not every girl knows how to make the right step to push your guy to propose you.

Remember that it is very typical for the most of guys to avoid commitment. Of course there are a lot of boyfriends who can propose their girlfriends without any hints. Guys don’t like talking about children and if you will give many signs that you want to have a child, you can make him scare. To resolve this problem try to talk with his friends who have already children. Many psychologists say that it must help him to understand that it is a big pleasure to have a child.

Another big problem could be a financial side. In most cases guys will not say anything about this. And if you were talking about big and splendid wedding, it may be a main problem why your boyfriend still did not propose to you. The only way to find a consensus in this situation is to talk with him and show him that big wedding is not so important for you, but your love what is playing the main role in your relationship.

If your boyfriend has many single friends, apparently they affect to his decision not to propose you. Guys could say that married man feels like he is in cage. If you are married, you don’t have time to spend it with friends; you will have to stop meeting, talking, flirting with your female friends – guys usually think. Try to show him that life after wedding will not change his interests, he will have many benefits and person who will care of him for the rest of his life.    

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Speed Dating

Speed dating is a meeting in which large number of people has a little date with each other. Nowadays, in formal field they set up by speed dating organizers which usually rent a room in some bar or restaurant and charge a fee from visitors. People are sitting about 5,7,10 minutes at a table with one of participants of speed dating. They are talking on any theme they like. When the time is up, people are going to the next table and sit with a possible new date. Every participant of speed dating has an opportunity to meet the person they want to see again.

This kind of dating is very popular nowadays. But what are the benefits of speed dating?

1. On speed dating you have an opportunity to meet many persons on one evening, instead one on the general dating.

2. You don’t need to sit and talk with the person you don’t like for an hour or longer. Your date will over in few minutes and you can continue to seek another person.

3. You will not hear uncomfortable question on such dating. Usually people asking general questions each other to see does the person interesting in next meeting or not. You can hear such questions as ‘Do you like pets?, ‘What books are you reading’…

4. You don’t have any pressure to select or reject a person. You can just go away if didn’t like any person on the speed dating. And you can meet with the man/woman you liked again in general dating.

5. You will meet many persons on one evening so you can compare one interlocutor with other.

Speed dating as any other kind of dating has its disadvantages. For example: you don’t have much time to know the person well, also you can meet few persons you liked, but you have to choose only one for future dating.

Speed dating is very good reason to spend time interesting. So if you don’t have any plans for the evening – you can try something new like speed dating.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Easy Tips On How To Be A Good Boyfriend

How To Be A Good Boyfriend

How do you think is it easy to be a good boyfriend? Many boys think that this is no big deal but, in fact, it takes a lot of work. Every girl wants to have a serious relationship when not every boy can offer this. Follow these easy steps and you will know how to be a good boyfriend.

Be honest. If you will ask some couple, who have lived together for a very long period, what is their secret – apparently they will give you few answers one of which will be honest. For many people it may be difficult to be honesty in hard situations, but believe, it is a key to long and happy relationship. Statistic says that if couples were more honest from the start, they are more likely to work on their relationship and grow. Best way to resolve some problem is to discuss it together. The advantage of this method is that you will know what does your spouse thinking, because your viewpoints could be very different. Be honest in your relationship and you will realize that your relationship grows with caring and honesty.

Be open. Usually it meant that you just need to be yourself. Being open will allow you to create a more open relationship and you will have a good understanding of each other. Openness, in combination with honesty, will give a lot of benefits to your relationship. Remember that girls feel very good when you are behaving strangely or secretly.

Make physical contact. Girls are expecting romantic moments in relationship and they are usually more sensitive than guys. When you are walking on the street make sure to do it with holding by hands. Even a light touch will remind your girlfriend about your feelings. And if you have not seen each other for a small period, say something romantic to your soulmate, like ‘I missed you so much’ and kiss her. Relationship likes when you both are working on it. But if you think that such small details are not important anymore, you are wrong. Usually with such small details grow serious problems.   

It is only few very important tips that you must follow to be a good boyfriend. If you don’t have much practice, you may have little difficulties but honesty and openness will make your relationship much happy and meaningful.   

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Welcome To Online Dating Site Blogger

Welcome To Online Dating Site Blogger

Guys, a very warm welcome to our new blog where you can find a lot of interesting information about dating. Online Dating Site Blogger is not setup only for dating audience, you can also find posts about wedding, divorce, singles, sexuality, relationships, friendship, marriage etc.

Big part of our posts will be reviews about the most popular dating websites. Online dating becoming very popular day by day. Why? There are many people who are trying to find their love in internet. Some of them are very busy for personal life, some have problems talking with their dates face to face. When you are going to the first date, you don't know any information about your date partner. But when you are meeting after talking online, you know all information you need to impress your date on the first face to face meeting. You know what your partner want to talk, what is her/his favorite color, film, song...

Online dating is not required from you a long-term commitment. You can find a partner only for casual dating. There are many people who think that it is very dangerously to meet people online, because you don't know the person on the other side of screen. But you are in the same risk trying to meet you soulmate in the bar.

A lot of people are meeting online nowadays. Stay with Online Dating Site Blogger and you will know the latest information and reviews about most popular online dating websites.Feel free to leave a comment for us directly on the article page if you find an information that will be interesting for you.