Thursday, 26 July 2012

Few Advices To Save Unhappy Marriage From Divorce

How To Save Unhappy Marriage From Divorce

Every person remembers own wedding day when you both (you with your wife) were standing near the altar holding by hands. It was one of the most romantic and beautiful day in your life. I think no one person was thinking that someday your marriage could have serious problems. But it is life and anything can happen. There are many things that you cannot control and you only want to know how to save your marriage. You have to answer one question at first: Do you still love your wife? If yes, then you need to fight for your happiness.

You need to know that some impulsive reactions you have are pushing your spouse away. Don’t be rude and hard. You can think that your anger is the only way to resolve the problem to show your spouse its strong position. But, in fact, you are wrong. Women like to be heard and you have to be careful, polite and tender with your wife. It gives her confidence that she needs you. Anger will only destroy your marriage so please try to avoid it.

When you have married with your wife, you knew that there are no perfect people. And your spouse is not an exception. Try to ignore all her weakness and show her that you love her such as she actually is. You have to accept that you did not marry a perfect person to live in a perfect life. Very often couples have some misunderstandings. But if you both will sit together and try to find a consensus – your marriage will be very long and happy.

Try to seek reconnection rather than separation after an argument. Usually after a big or little quarrel people are trying to separate from each other. But, in reality, you have to find a way for reconnecting. Be 100% responsible for your words and your wife will see that you are reliable person with whom she can spend the rest of her life.


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